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Abstract Infovet September 2007

To strengthen the control of Avian Influenza (AI) in animals, Ministry of Agriculture had established Campaign Management Unit (CMU) within the Animal Health Directorate. The central management unit is operating through 9 regional operational units based nine Disease Investigation Centers in Provincial Level.

The envolvement of community especially related with animal production and health industry is essential in ensuring achievement of the program. Indonesia Veterinary Drug Association (ASOHI) as an organization comprising veterinary drug companies is directly relating with animal health program since its role in supplying biologicals and disinfectants as well as human resources such as veterinary technical representatives in the field.

The cooperation between ASOHI and CMU is being formulated to cover central and provincial level. In central level various activity will be implemented, namely:

- To prepare coordination on operational cooperation with all stakeholders.
- To formulate AI action plan.
- To monitor and evaluate mutual activity program.
- To coordinate with other institutions in AI control.

In provincial level will be implemented, namely:

- Periodic meeting between provincial CMU/LDCC, PDS/PDR with ASOHI provincial chapter, to coordinate technical services and discussion, relating with development of AI in each area, to formulate action plan on AI control in the community.
- Promoting AI control in the field.
- To send suspected AI samples to government laboratory and accredited private laboratory.
- To encourage capability of AI diagnosis in the field through short training to optimize early detection and early response.
It is hoped that cooperation with other associations related with poultry industry will also be implemented to optimize AI control.

Problem of Immunosuppresive Disease

Infectious Bursal Disease (IBD) or Gumboro, is one of important poultry disease, caused by viral infection, characterized with immunosuppressive, potentially cause high economic loss.

Some of farmers were disappointed that vaccination program is not totally guarantee the protection against this disease. As immunosuppressive disease, the presence of IBD could be easing infection of other diseases.

For broiler farmers IBD is really frightened since it could attack chicken in early period or prior to be harvested. The effective way to protect DOC (day old chick) against IBD is through maternal immunity by maintaining high level of humoral antibody in the parent stock.

There are 3 kind of preventive measure against early infection of the virus, namely:

- To prevent contact between chicken with Gumboro virus.
- To vaccinate parent stock
- To vaccinate DOC in early period with active and non virulent vaccine.

First Human Case of AI in Bali

First human case of AI (Avian Influenza) in Bali was reported on August 12th, 2007. the team of Ministry of Public Health and Consultant investigator of World Health Organization (WHO) had collected blood samples from the victim’s family in Dakin Tukad Aya village, Jembrana District. Further studies should be provided to conclude virus transmission.

Bali Province had been decided by Ministry of Agriculture as the first priority in controlling AI. Total cases of AI on human in Indonesia since the year 2005 had reported 104 persons infected, including 83 mortalities.

Dr Tri Satya Putri, vice chairman of National Commission for AI control appeal to the Government that recent outbreak of AI not be treated as ordinary cases, since the outbreak in poultry cause high mortality. She considered that action taken by Government is still slow.

Technical Sales Representatives

Technical sales representatives (TS) is officer in charge of animal health companies in the field. The presence of TS is very essential in providing information and services to the farmers, related with animal health problem and veterinary drug application.

Coverage of each TS in conducting their duties in certain area is decided by the companies, based on technical as well as economic consideration. In some areas there are independent or “freelance” TS, since they are not recruited by any companies, as they could sell products of various manufactures.

Many cases of conflict of interest between independent TS and certain companies, since they can sell the products in lower price as ability to operate the business in efficient way. The most important condition is they should run their business in line with regulation, in providing services to the farmers only market registered products.

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